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Zions Direct Certificate of Deposit Auctions


Zions Direct offers customers the opportunity to bid on Certificates of Deposit in online auctions. By cutting out the middleman and marketing directly to individuals, Zions Direct CD Auctions allow investors to beat the national average and earn higher yields.

Zions Direct uses a simple, open bidding process, which allows investors to check the status of their bids throughout the auction.

How CD (Certificate of Deposit) Auctions Work:

  • After registration, bidders log in to one of the listed auctions.
  • Bidders then submit their bids for the desired number of units (CDs are auctioned off in $1,000 units) at a specified price or yield.
  • After submitting, the auction web page will indicate whether a bid is “in the money”. This means that if the auction were to end at that moment, the bidder would be awarded that number of units at the current market clearing price.
  • Winners are contacted shortly after the auction closes by Zions Direct to arrange for payment and settlement of the CD.

Click here to learn more about Zions Direct, view current auctions, and see previous auction results.

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7 Existing Comments
  1. o.t. said:
    on March 5th at 08:54 pm

    I went on their website and it looks like there’s only about 1 CD auctioned off per day (please correct me if I’m wrong), and the final bid is generally well under 4%. I get over 4% right now with my Etrade savings account. Is this really such a great deal?

  2. alhena software said:
    on March 5th at 11:31 pm

    that’s cool, I’ll try it out

  3. said:
    on March 6th at 03:55 am

    The CD rates for the auctions depend on what’s available. FYI, you can also buy Zions Direct CD accounts off eBay, which is pretty interesting.

  4. Ken said:
    on March 6th at 04:48 pm

    Please note, they were recently downgraded in some form of rating by a major ratings agency… do your due dilligence before investing in a non-investment grade bank.

  5. o.t. said:
    on March 6th at 07:45 pm

    why would anyone want to buy CDs on this site? You can get better rates with an Etrade savings account!

  6. Gentry Johnson said:
    on March 7th at 06:08 pm

    It looks like the new Moody rating still makes them investment grade, unless I am mistaken (

  7. WB said:
    on March 10th at 03:23 pm

    Even if the rates are not the best compared to other savings accounts right now, I checked some of their historical auctions and there were some very good rates. With the Fed cutting rates hand over fist right now, I am not sure anyone has great rates, but Zions Direct does offer other products through their auctions.
    I also saw that they have some great rates on short term CDs like 1 and 2 month terms that Bankaholic and Bankrate advertisers can’t match. Highest listed on Bankrate for 1 month was 3.00 and Zions Direct recent auction went for 3.20%.