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WTDirect Up To $250 Bonus

WTDirect has launched a winter promotion for their 3.06% APY online savings account. Not really the HOTTEST deal out there, but worth mentioning.

  • OPEN a new account — use promotion code “WTG3DNC”
  • LINK an existing bank account to your new WTDirect account during the application process.
  • FUND your new WTDirect account by initiating an online transfer by 12/22/08.
  • EARN your bonus — calculated by determining the average balance from 1/1/09 – 2/28/09.
  • During that time, you will have 100% access to your funds.
  • RECEIVE your cash bonus in mid-March. It will be deposited directly to your WTDirect account.

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  1. Lili said:
    on December 2nd at 03:23 am

    Thats a free $150 with minimal hoops to jump through… plus a *slightly* better rate than my HSBC OSA.
    But before I sign up, I want to know what the “HOTTEST” deal really is then.

  2. tenglish said:
    on December 2nd at 03:42 am

    I’m signed up and I’m pretty happy about my $250! IMO it’s a great deal for this kind of environment, if not the best right now. I did search pretty extensively couldn’t find anything comparable. Did my research on WTDirect as well. I’m glad this promotion came across otherwise I would not have found this gem.

  3. Larry said:
    on December 2nd at 03:54 am

    At 3.06% with teeny bonuses, why is “worth mentioning”.???

  4. Larry said:
    on December 2nd at 04:05 am

    It’s a lousy offer-Wu shouldn’t even mention offers like this. He does it because he’s getting paid to do it. Can’t blame him for that-but read through WU’s b.s. posts.

  5. BloggingBanks said:
    on December 2nd at 02:34 pm

    Well, if you have $50,000 getting an extra $250 for 2 months plus the interest you would be making is not too bad. However you could most probably get a fixed rate CD for the same period that would make you the same in total returns.

  6. Dan said:
    on December 2nd at 06:05 pm

    This deal is equivalent to a 2 month CD yielding 3.5% if you drop in $50k

    250(for 2 months) x 6 = $1500 annual yield

    1500/50,000 = 0.03 —->add this bonus (or 3% yield) to the 0.005% they will give you for 2 months of holding and you get a 2 month CD yielding 3.5%

    Final Verdict: …meh….

  7. Larry said:
    on December 3rd at 01:41 am

    Have you guys ever looked into brokerages that offer higher than market rates? (for listening to their sales pitch).

  8. Craig said:
    on December 3rd at 10:13 pm

    “.. to the 0.005% they will give you for 2 months of holding …”
    The posted current apy is 3.06%; wouldn’t this be 6.06% yield, or am I missing something?

  9. Do you know why? said:
    on December 3rd at 10:23 pm

    1.Well well only 6 posts in November.
    2.Now a less than 100 word post in December.. Amen!
    3.Nice output from a $12 million dollar rag..

    When do we see your next post? When you wake up from your New Year’s slumber party?

  10. Do you know why? said:
    on December 3rd at 10:27 pm

    Only John Wu will post such a deal. I guess the advertisers have sweetened the pot for him – free laundry facilities + coins for next 6 months

  11. Dan said:
    on December 4th at 12:15 am


    You are correct! For some reason I divided 3.06% by 6 assuming the 3.06 yield was annual (thus, dividing by 6 would give you 2 months worth of interest).

    My apologies…now the deal looks a tad better:)

    ….and I still passed all my finance classes in college

  12. Lili said:
    on December 4th at 02:05 am

    (Assuming 50k)
    WTDirect: 3.06% for 2 mo +$250 bonus
    50k * .0306 = 1530 / 12 = 127.5 * 2 = $255 yield + $250 = $505

    CD: 5.5% for 2 mo
    50k * .055 = 2750 / 12 = 230 * 2 = $460

    So if anyone can point me in the direction of a 2 month CD with a 5.5% yield, I will gladly sign up. But since I do not think I can wait months and months for someone to dig one up, I’ll sign up with WTD and collect my free $150. By the time the promo is done, I can throw my money into something else.

    [ I use 5.5% because I’m taking into account the people who have savings accounts set up online. You lose a few days of interest with the transfering your money between banks (and if you have my banks, you may lose up to a week, slow mofos… but ANYWAY). ]

  13. Do you know why? said:
    on December 4th at 07:38 am

    I think it was a bald faced lie touted by Bankaholics public mouthpiece that this sub quality rag sold for $15 Million. There is no public record of it just some innuendo and buzz on few Internet sites.

    John Wu still slopping around for wages to earn few dollars. Where is your Lamborghini dude?

  14. Craig said:
    on December 4th at 05:41 pm

    Hey Lili,

    You may want to look into an E*Trade account. You can hook up external accounts and create ACH draws from the account you want to make the withdrawal from. E*Trade (and there may be other banks) credits your account the day you request the ACH deposit transfer (If before 4:00 ET). The bank the withrawal happens from, won’t deduct it from your balance until it gets and processes the ACH which is usually the next day.

    So, for one day you are earning interest in both banks on the balance actually increasing your earnings instead of reducing your earnings. E*Trade is currently at 3.3%, so for one day (or one weekend) you are in essence earning 9.36% interest. 🙂

    And John, if you can get that kind of money, more power to you; Capitalism at work I say. It seems like a good deal and worthy of posting regardless of your compensation (if any). Maybe the trolls are from a competetor’s site. 😀

  15. Keeping It Real said:
    on December 4th at 09:40 pm

    You notice the reports on the sale were on blogs like “Shoemoney”, “Blog Pro”, and “John Chow”. That speaks volumes on the credibility factor in my opinion. I never heard any mention on CNBC or Fox business channels. I would think a blog that sold for 15 mill would be picked up by these guys. Remember the Million Dollar Hompage pixel guy? He was on CNBC and in the main stream news. This has to be just a publicity stunt.

    Note: This is just my opinion until I am proved wrong and in no way fact.

  16. keeping it real is a hater said:
    on December 4th at 09:51 pm

    why not pay $15 mil? Bankrate gets between 4 and 5 million uniques a month and bankaholic gets roughly 400k. If bankrate can monetize bankaholic’s traffic in the same fashion that they do their own. Why not pick up a 10% traffic increase (esp organic traffic) if you can monetize it in a way that justifies the $15 mil?

  17. Keeping It Real said:
    on December 4th at 10:13 pm

    I want to see proof this blog sold for 15 mill, that simple. Taking the word of some affiliate marketing blog snake in the grass does not prove the fact.

    Just prove it for credibility, that’s all.

    Now if it is true more power to Mr. Wu and has to be as dumb as all the banks and car makers asking for tax payers money to fix their stupid business practices.

    I hope we don’t see up on Capitol Hill next month begging for a 15 million dollar bail out, lol.

  18. Craig said:
    on December 4th at 10:34 pm

    … all of which has nothing to do with WTDirect’s offer …

  19. Lili said:
    on December 4th at 10:51 pm

    Thanks Craig,
    had no idea about the ACH.
    My HSBC can take anywhere from 3 days to a week to move without the ACH.

    Paint dries quicker.

  20. Bankmode said:
    on December 5th at 01:09 am

    We think the purchase was a very good one.


  21. Kelly said:
    on December 5th at 08:12 am

    I read someone wrote “I don’t like wamu since wamu paid me interest short.” from this website. Then, I went back to check my wamu CD tongiht. It’s so true. If you had CD with wamu before, please check it out.

  22. Lili said:
    on December 5th at 05:43 pm

    WaMu’s 1yr, 5% CD they had going… people should check up on that

  23. @Lili said:
    on December 5th at 09:25 pm

    I checked wamu’s online cd and the 5% APY is for 60-month CD. let me know Lili if you are just mistaken for the existence 1-yr 5% cd.

  24. KimberlyC said:
    on December 8th at 02:54 am

    Johns, why do leave the haters posts up? I would think that this being a professional blog site you would delete the useless posts. It makes your site unprofessional looking when you see those posts here.

  25. Easy $25 Bonus said:
    on December 8th at 10:40 pm

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  26. Another $25 Bonus said:
    on December 9th at 04:28 am

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  27. Roberto said:
    on December 13th at 04:36 pm

    I don’t believe , this price not real …

  28. Dollar Bill said:
    on December 16th at 11:42 am

    Does anyone know if they pull a credit report for this WTDirect offer?

  29. Mill said:
    on December 16th at 08:07 pm

    Guess they did. My teenager son has his driver license but no credit history. They knew right away. After verifying the money source, they will mail the package for my son to sign.