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WT Direct Up To $150 Bonus Savings

If you have a pile of cash looking for a lucrative home, you might consider opening a WT Direct savings account that gives you a cash bonus.

wtdirect savings

Deposit $50,000 in a new WT Direct savings account before July 31, 2009, leave it there until October 31 and WT Direct, the online banking division of Wilmington Trust in Wilmington, Del., will add $150 to your account.

But you don’t have to have $50,000 to earn rewards. Your bonus is based on your balance from July 31 through the end of October.

Tiered bonuses begin with $25 for a $10,000 deposit, and increase by $25 with each additional $10,000 deposit. You earn $50 for $20,000, $75 for $30,000 and $100 for a $40,000 deposit.

In addition, WT Direct pays a current yield of 1.76% on any balance for the first 60 days. But if your account falls below $10,000 after the introductory period you earn a next-to-nothing 0.15% APY.

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  1. Mark said:
    on July 19th at 08:30 pm

    If you calculate the APY of leaving 50k in the account for 3 months.. you will be getting an excellent deal

  2. Mike M said:
    on July 20th at 01:43 pm

    I’ve used WT and been satisified from the side of general customer experience.

    However, they keep doing this – slashing their rates well below competition then offering large bonuses to get people back or to get new businesses. They’ll let the others catch up on rate cuts until they’re competitive again, then slash their rates.

    Why not make it easier on everyone and save all the ridiculous bonuses and just keep your rates competitive?

  3. DealMaven said:
    on August 3rd at 12:10 pm

    August 15, 2009 is the new deadline for taking advantage of WTDirect’s offer, giving you two extra weeks to make a deposit. The date for leaving the money on deposit in order to collect the $150 bonus cash remains at Oct. 31, 2009.