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World Savings Bank 5.76% APY 10-Month CD!

I drove by a local World Savings Bank on my way to work today. I noticed an ad in their window saying they have 5.76% APY on their 10-Month CD.

This offer may be different for people in differrent cities, so try your zip code to find out. I live in Southern California, and it is showing the 5.76% APY CD account rate for my zip. I will definitely be opening a CD account at World Savings Bank this weekend. This is a high CD account rate at a very reputable bank.

The online banking options offered by the World Bank include the ability to view and monitor account transactions, online checking, online check ordering, online statement access, loan activity status checks, and money transfers. In addition to attractive checking account and saving account options, the World Savings Bank supplies consumers with affordable home loans and excellence in terms of customer service.
The World Savings Bank offers consumers the ability to invest in certificates of deposit, to open savings accounts and to open checking accounts, all of which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC): certificate number 27076. Under FDIC regulations, every depositor has up to 100,000 dollars of deposit insurance for each of two categories: joint and individual accounts.

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  1. walter Rakow said:
    on April 18th at 03:28 pm

    CD rates

  2. Pat said:
    on January 11th at 12:51 am

    Just remember, its important to know :
    1. If the bank is traded publicy.
    2. r if it is a smaller community bank.
    3. BEFORE YOU INVEST find out if the bank you are opening ANY account with ,how deep they sre with Sub-prime mortgages !
    4. By Law ! The FDIC has 99 YEARS to pay off your loss ! Many peole don’t realize this and realistically the FDIC probably won’t take that long to repay your loss, if the sub-prime market continues to go under and domino’s into the underdog market you could get caught up in it ! This a VERY real possibility and is probably coming very soon in the future ! Watch your investments closely ! Why do you think these small banks are offering these ridiculous rates ? Ask your self that question, before you jump !

  3. Docc said:
    on July 15th at 09:36 am

    Amen brother, tell it like it is.

    But, what about the higher rates from some of the largest, oldest, less sub-prime involved banks?