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World Savings 6.01% APY 9-Month CD

I heard a rumor that World Savings in offering 6.01% APY on their 9-month CDs. However, the rumor is that this deal is availible only in branches. Go drive out to your local World Savings Bank and inquire about this KILLER promo!

  • 6.01% APY (5.84% interest rate)
  • 9-month term
  • $10K minimum deposit
  • $100K maximum deposit
  • Requires money new to World Savings
  • Offer ends 8/26/06.

UPDATE (DEAL CONFIRMED): I just opened a 6% 9-month CD at my local World Savings Bank in Arcadia, CA (Southern California). This is a REALLY HOT interest rate considering the Fed interest rate hikes stopped today. I also got a free safe deposit box from them for opening the account! I�ve never had one before.

Wachovia & World Savings Bank

Wachovia was first established in 2001 when the First Union Corporation and the old Wachovia Corporation merged to form Wachovia. With more than 90 years of experience to back their financial service offerings, the World Savings Bank has been providing financial customers with incredible quality service since its establishment in 1912. The World Savings Bank has more than 285 physical locations situated in ten states, but consumers can also utilize the online banking options open to people in all fifty states.

The Wachovia Corporation is the parent company of World Savings Bank. The World Savings Bank became a subsidiary of Wachovia after being acquired by the Wachovia Corporation in 2006. The World Savings Bank supports all of its services with nearly 90 years of banking experience. Since 1912, the World Savings Company has been offering an array of financial services, investment services and financial assistance to its customers. The World Savings Bank continues to grow; with ten state savings branches, well over 10,000 employees, more than 125 billion dollars in assets, more than 60 billion dollars in savings and checking accounts combined, and delivering more than 119 billion dollars in loans, the World Savings Bank is and remains a strong force in the financial industry.

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31 Existing Comments
  1. tommy said:
    on August 5th at 02:56 am

    that is kool

  2. roman said:
    on August 15th at 12:36 am

    we need adress of you bank in orange county


  3. Joyce Harris said:
    on August 18th at 06:51 pm

    Closest location to Las Vegas Area to get in touch with someone.

  4. Richard said:
    on August 23rd at 02:18 am

    This is true. Opened one in the Yorba Linda branch last week.

  5. Anonymous said:
    on August 30th at 07:05 am

    opened one in ontario

  6. sumei hou said:
    on September 14th at 10:11 pm

    World Savings 6% CD

  7. sumei hou said:
    on September 14th at 10:12 pm

    World Savings CD

  8. rafael said:
    on October 15th at 02:46 am
    Millenium bank
    premium CD 6.75% 1year Min $5K
    not sure if they’re FDIC insured
    Yep my customer told me about this deal you guys talking of, very promising.

  9. JC said:
    on December 13th at 01:41 pm

    worldwavings rates are much lower now. Not worth checking!

  10. Gulshan said:
    on December 27th at 02:08 am

    I am looking for the branch in Arlington,TEXAS-76013

  11. babu patel said:
    on January 3rd at 06:11 pm

    i need phone number fore worild saving bank if u can plz e mail me

  12. Bali said:
    on January 26th at 05:19 am

    world saving Bank is FDIC
    phone no is 1-866-467-3776

  13. Bali said:
    on February 2nd at 05:44 am

    Any comment about world saving bank and its service.
    thank…would like to hear from anyone. specially
    brances in Texas. san.antonio/ internet banking.

  14. theresa said:
    on March 7th at 04:01 am

    I opened today at 5.4%, do the online world savings promo…………Its higher and yes they gave me a free checking acct.

  15. janie e. Smith said:
    on April 1st at 11:19 pm

    please let me know of a World Savings in the San Fernando
    Valley that is offering the 6.01 Apy 9-month CD or inthe
    Pasadena, Arcadia, area, or Orange County.

    Thank you!

    Janie E. Smith

  16. George said:
    on April 2nd at 02:46 pm

    Ihave ioo,ooo for the highest c.d rate you can give me
    World savings bank

  17. Gary said:
    on April 28th at 12:41 am

    The 6.01 CD rate offered by World Savings. Does this apply to the Word Savings in San Antonio? There is an office located off Broadway Street.

  18. Carol said:
    on May 4th at 06:00 pm

    I would like to know if you have a World Savings branch in the Reno/Sparks Nevada that offers 6.01% on CD

  19. said:
    on May 8th at 03:32 pm

    Is there a world savings bank in Texas

  20. EMPLOYEE said:
    on May 10th at 04:18 pm

    This is incorrect information, DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ!

  21. James Stevens said:
    on May 19th at 09:37 pm

    Wish they had a World Savings Bank in Seattle Wa.

  22. Michelle said:
    on June 12th at 11:50 am


  23. LR said:
    on June 30th at 06:35 pm

    I have been with World Savings Bank for over 20 years both at a branch and with the on-line CD offers. They have been a great bank to deal with and very good customer service. highest rates I’ve been able to get even from my branch and other local banks or on-line banks. NO CATCHS!

  24. LR said:
    on June 30th at 06:37 pm

    If you look on their front page (someone posted one here) or go to their website it states: FDIC insured!!!!

  25. said:
    on July 4th at 01:43 am

    World Savings Bank is FDIC insured. No doubts about it. Please do not spread misinformation on Bankaholic.

  26. Marie said:
    on July 18th at 02:47 am

    Is there a World Savings branch on the big island of Hawaii?

  27. JohnC: Denver said:
    on July 20th at 06:14 pm

    My local World Savings in Denver never heard of this offer!

  28. Ernst V. said:
    on August 22nd at 07:50 pm

    Please be aware that accounts at this “bank” are NOT FDIC insured.
    Go to their website and it will show you at the bottom of every page.
    Millenium Bank is the same way.
    These are trying times for all banks due to the sub prime mortgage lending fiasco.
    Countrywide will be the first to go under i.e. BANKRUPT.
    So far INDYMAC bank looks to be the highest and safest one, but I’m always looking for better and safe rates.

  29. Ernst V. said:
    on August 22nd at 08:01 pm

    OK, I made a mistake! They are FDIC insured except for their securities and insurance products.
    Should have read it more carefully.

  30. 'Neill said:
    on September 24th at 02:45 am

    Last week I opened an acc. with MLNBank. What’s wrong with that bank?.

  31. Larry said:
    on December 29th at 08:01 pm

    Is there a world bank in South Carolina