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World Savings 5.41% 6-Mo CD Rate

There’s a 5.41% APY CD Rate over at World Savings Bank. The terms a 6-months certificate of deposit and $10,000 minimum deposit.


Unfortunately, this is down from the World Savings 5.56 CD Rate (expired rate) that was advertised a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, World Savings has killer bank cd rates once in awhile.

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  1. Jeremiah said:
    on May 8th at 12:05 am

    AmTrust direct has 12 month cd’s with the same rate with only a $1000 minimum

  2. Bankaholic said:
    on May 8th at 12:30 am

    Sweet! Thanks for pointing that out, Jeremiah.

  3. Jim said:
    on May 19th at 04:05 pm

    I moved abot $45K from Fremont to a World CD yesterday. Fremont does not match competitor rates, so I pulled out my money. World was very friendly and if you keep a $25K minimum balance, you get free travelers checks, free safe deposit box, free notray service, free cashier’s checks. TheIR branches are more conveniently located than Fremont too.

  4. tenacious D said:
    on May 21st at 11:01 am

    free safe deposit boxes? wow never heard of that one

  5. Nancy said:
    on June 9th at 04:42 pm

    World Savings and AmTrust, I use both as they are both great. I always check both rates and terms for CD’s. AmTrust has a great MM rate too.

  6. Bob said:
    on June 19th at 03:52 pm

    It is my understanding that World Savings is being absorbed by Wachovia Bank

  7. Gail said:
    on June 29th at 04:25 pm

    Has anyone had any experience with the Royal Savings and Loan (RSAL) bank of the Czech republic? Their website offers a 5 year CD at 7.25% that is insured by the Czech deposit insurance fund. The toll free number is 866-471-2820. I wonder if international currency exchange rates are a consideration here.

  8. prof adler said:
    on December 30th at 01:59 am

    I wish they would delete out of date rates/offers

  9. Rich said:
    on September 7th at 04:44 am

    The problem with int’l investment instruments is that any gains you might think you’re receiving by an attractive 7%-8% rate can literally be erased in one day due to currency fluctuations. It’s not worth it. The majority of these foreign banks will require you to deposit in their currency. The few that allow you to use US dollars will not give you the local interest rate.