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Who’s Got The Best-Paying CDs?

Just a quick update on where to find the best deals.

You can still earn 3.10% APY on a 24-month certificate of deposit from GMAC Bank, and the minimum deposit is just $500.

Intervest National Bank a New York-based online bank is paying 3.00% on a 30-month CD with a $2,500 minimum deposit ($1,000 if it’s an IRA CD).

Charter Bank a community bank out in New Mexico is offering a 14-month CD at 3.00% and a $5,000 minimum deposit.

Be sure and check all of your local banks and credit unions for deals. They’re often better than the best rates you’ll find nationally.

Melrose Credit Union in Briarwood, N.Y., is offering 3.19% APY on 12-month and 3.34% on 24-month CDs.

Mutual Bank with branches in Chicago, Houston, Staten Island, N.Y. and Edison N.J., is paying 2.75% APY on a 16-month CD.

Alliant Credit Union, which has offices in Illinois, Colorado and California, is offering 3.00% APY on 12- and 24-month CDs up to $25,000, and a little more on jumbo CDs.

You deserve to earn a better rate than the paltry 1.35% APY and 1.60% APY that the average one- and two-year CDs are paying.

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  1. BuffetFan said:
    on March 28th at 10:41 am

    Better to keep your money flexible at these low rates at:

  2. BloggingBanks said:
    on March 28th at 12:35 pm

    Thanks for highlighting the best CD rates available.

  3. Mike M said:
    on March 28th at 02:06 pm

    BuffetFan –

    Those aren’t bad interest rates, and are more flexible, but they are lower rates and they are NOT FDIC insured.

    The general rule should be treasury interest < bank interest < non-FDIC insured or corporate interest.

    Instead, the rates show: GEinterestplus < bank interest < treasury interest.

  4. RateNerd said:
    on March 30th at 09:06 am

    Evantage Bank is offering the same rate on a money market account as the top paying GMAC CD offer on your list above – 3.10% APY. Depending on your time horizon you might want to split the money between a money market account and a CD ladder. (BTW thanks for the list – nice summary!)

  5. Nate said:
    on March 30th at 03:57 pm

    Thank you soo much for posting this :0) We can all use a little insight in today’s financial situation. I hope this helps

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    here is an example of some nationwide bank rates

    Rates with a * signifies this bank rate is available nationwide.

    Florida Central Credit Union



    First Robinson Savings Bank*



    Connexus Credit Union*



    Keystone Bank*



    Community Bank of Pleasant Hill*



    Three Rivers FCU



    Union State Bank/Bank of Atchison*



    Beacon Federal Credit Union



    Communications Federal Credit Union*



    First New England Federal Credit Union




  6. RateRunner said:
    on March 30th at 04:32 pm

    RateNerd: Yeah, Evantage Bank is the online operation of Southwest State Bank, which has a single branch in Sentinel, Okla., that is also part of the Huckabay brothers banking empire, which includes Redneck Bank and AmericanNet Bank. It offers exactly the same deals on checking and money market accounts.

  7. tree said:
    on March 30th at 08:22 pm

    Thank goodness for your straight information! No fake posts here!

  8. Mojave Jack said:
    on March 31st at 03:27 pm

    To get these rates you need to open a checking account with direct deposit, get electronic statements, post 10, 12, or 15 check card transactions each month, yada, yada, yada. The typical “make you work for your money” account.

  9. DealMaven said:
    on March 31st at 05:20 pm

    Just to clarify: Mojave Jack is talking about the high-interest checking accounts Nate has listed. You don’t need to open a checking account to get the CD rates on the post although you do have to be a memeber of the credit unions to buy one of their CDs.