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Who Is The Baddest Boy In Banking?

Imagine a world in which the man who turned ridiculous bank fees into an art form later renounced such money-grabbing tactics.Imagine that the man who nearly single-handedly destroyed safe investing for millions of Americans suddenly became a pro-consumer champion.

Sanford Weill, the former CEO of Citigroup, shows us this could happen.

Last month, Weill converted when he called for a breakup of the big banks. This is the same guy who all but created the deregulation frenzy that led to too big to fail.

His change of heart demonstrates that the bad boys of banking can see the light. Perhaps with enough public shaming, other banking titans who have used and abused us will convert, too.

It is in this spirit that we unveil the Bankaholic Baddest Boy of Banking nominees.

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Who is the baddest boy of banking?
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Each of these men has demonstrated a remarkable ability to put us last. Each crime against consumers is more ghastly than the last. Each has contributed greatly to the erosion of trust we have in the banking system.

In fact, banking and financial services are the two least-trusted industries in the world, according to the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer, trailing even the media and pharmaceutical industries. Less than half of the people surveyed in 20 countries said they trust banks, according to Edelman, a public relations firm.

Help these men recognize their crimes so they can begin to use their powers for good.

We’ll name a “winner” next week.

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