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Where To Find The Best 2-Year CDs

pencil eraser pushing the plus sign on a calculatorAfter a large rate cut earlier this week sent the top nationally available 2-year CD rate to the lowest yield we’ve seen, it seemed like a good time to recap some of the best local deals out there.

In some cities, you won’t have to settle for the deal that tops our CD Rates Leaderboard.

Indeed, there are a few deals that pay half a percentage point or more greater than the 1.20% APY CIT Bank offers savers in all 50 states.

Frankly, after NexBank cut its rates, we had hoped to find even more deals.

But a check of all of the institutions on our list of the highest CD rates from credit unions and local banks showed most of the places with competitive rates aren’t aggressive when it comes to certificates of deposit with shorter terms.

Here’s a recap of the best local 24-month CD rates on our list. Notice, most of these deals are confined to two states:

2.15% APYSuntide Credit Union (Texas)

1.85% APYGulf Coast Federal Credit Union (Texas; $500 minimum deposit)

1.75% APYNavyArmy Community Credit Union (Texas)

1.50% APYBrightStar Credit Union (Florida; 23-month term; $500 minimum; checking account required)

1.50% APYMontauk Credit Union (New York)

1.45% APYDoral Bank (New York; $500 minimum)

1.40% APYLOMTO Federal Credit Union (New York; $2K minimum)

1.35% APYAmeriCU Credit Union (New York)

1.35% APYDepartment of Commerce Federal Credit Union (Washington, D.C., plus employees of Department of Commerce and NOAA; $500 minimum)

1.25% APYSecurity Service Federal Credit Union (Colorado, Texas, Utah; rates vary by location; this rate available in San Antonio with $500 minimum)

1.21%F&A Credit Union (California)

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