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Washington Mutual Bank 6.00% 13-Month CD

Apparently, Washington Mutual (WaMu) is running in-branch only promotions in certain states for a 13-month 6.00% CD account rate.

You should inquire at your local Washington Mutual Bank to see if they have this bank promotion. Be sure to leave a comment if you find a bank that does!

Washington Mutual filed for incorporation in 1889 and later merged with Continental Savings in 1930. Later, in 1983, Washing Mutual acquired a full service brokerage: Murphy Favre and converted to capital stock savings – the conversion produced nearly 72 million dollars, more than 25 percent of the anticipated income. Now, Washington Mutual addresses the personal financial needs of customers as well as the needs of small and midsize businesses.

In terms of commercial offerings, Washington Mutual supplies multi family lending opportunities, community lending services, commercial lending services, mortgages, and credit card services. Business checking accounts, business savings accounts, real estate loans, merchant payments and retirement planning for businesses are also made available.

Washington Mutual offers checking accounts, personal loans and Internet banking services. In addition to personal accounts, Washington Mutual aids with payroll, provides cash management assistance and assists with retirement planning. Also a full service brokerage, Washington Mutual helps customers with investment opportunities – customers can access individual retirement accounts, life insurance policies, purchase stocks and bonds, acquire fixed annuities, mutual funds, and enter into estate and retirement planning endeavors with the assistance of Washington Mutual.

Home loans including those with a fixed rate, adjustable rate home loans, government insured home loans, guaranteed home loans, and hybrid home loans are readily available through the offerings at Washington Mutual. Meanwhile, customers can also take advantage of the insurance offerings at Washington Mutual: mortgage insurance, life insurance, flood insurance, property insurance, home owners insurance and casualty insurance are all offered by Washington Mutual.

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