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Washington Fed Pays 2.50% On 2-Year CD

Here’s another example of the competitive CD rates we’re finding in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle-based Washington Federal Savings is paying a 2.50% APY on a 24-month CD with a minimum deposit of $1,000.

If this deal was nationally-available, it would be near the topSeattle-based Washington Federal Savings is paying 2.50% APY on a 24-month CD, one of the best CD rates around. of our rankings of the best 24-month CD rates.

But it’s not and you can’t apply online.

To open an account you’ve got to visit one of Washington Federal’s 124 branches in eight Western states.

This certificate of deposit is also available at a couple of banks it owns — First Mutual Bank, with 13 branches in Washington, and First Federal Bank, with 13 branches in New Mexico.

Since Washington Federal doesn’t even post CD rates on its Web site, call your local branch to confirm it’s still being offered before making the trip.

Click here for the address and phone number of the one nearest you.

You can use our extensive database of CD rates to compare this offer with the best deals from scores of banks.

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    I love this blog… I read and learning about make money online may be related about banking activity.