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Who Will Buy WaMu? (poll)

You must have seen it in the news by now. Washington Mutual is up for grabs to the highest bidder. Who will it be? Whatever happens, I sure hope that Americans tax payers won’t be footing the bill for this sale… n

Who Will Buy WaMu?
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10 Existing Comments
  1. James said:
    on September 23rd at 04:42 am

    5% is back.

  2. Michael said:
    on September 23rd at 04:22 pm

    4% Savings is back too.

  3. Michael said:
    on September 23rd at 04:23 pm

    Apparently you should add TD Bank to the list as well.

  4. Kevin said:
    on September 23rd at 06:23 pm

    What happens to the CDs people have purchased from WaMu if they get bought out or declare bankruptcy?

  5. Michael said:
    on September 24th at 04:07 am

    to Kevin:

    Assuming your CDs plus interest are under 100K,

    Worst case scenario, you’ll be given a check for all your money plus interest and have to take it somewhere else.

    If a new bank takes over WaMu, they’ll often give you the opportunity to close the CD with no withdrawel penalty or just honor the CD for its remaining duration.

  6. Tony said:
    on September 26th at 04:42 am

    well it looks like wamu just went down and JPmorgan Chase purchased it with $1.9 billion in savings and loans..

  7. jojo said:
    on September 26th at 05:50 am

    I was right !!! yea

  8. jojo said:
    on September 26th at 10:23 pm

    Now Whos Next to go? , Wachovia ??

  9. you said:
    on October 2nd at 06:09 pm

    No ! 3% is back

  10. jojo said:
    on December 25th at 12:04 am

    No fake posts here!