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Real Thing Better Than Walmart Discover

The APR isn't as good even though you'll earn a bit more on gas rewards.The Walmart Discover Card purports to be a better alternative than the original Discover Card.

In addition to the same up-to-1% cash-back reward as the regular card, you’ll get discounts for buying gas at Walmart gas stations.

Reward redemptions are also supposed to be easier with the Walmart card.

Instead of waiting until you earn $20 to redeem your rewards, Walmart Discover automatically sends you a check as soon as you earn only $10.

The big kicker is a $20 bonus rebate if you spend at least $100 on one item at Walmart when you apply for the card, either in the store or on

However, getting that $20 isn’t as easy as it’s advertised.

I didn’t particularly need another credit card, but when I bought a $200 appliance at Walmart I figured I’d apply for the card and save the $20.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know it would be such a hassle.

First off, you don’t get the rebate at checkout, as I thought I would.

The cashier at Walmart said it would show up on my credit card statement. When it didn’t, I called customer service and, after sitting through the entire menu before I could speak to a live agent, was told the $20 rebate would appear on my next statement.

A month later, the $20 rebate still did not appear on my statement. I again called customer service — and again had to wait to speak to a live agent — who told me that, finally, my account would be credited.

By then I was pretty angry and determined never to use the card again.

When I talked to a supervisor, she was courteous and apologized for my experience but said the Walmart cashier didn’t ring up the purchase correctly. But she didn’t know why I still didn’t get the rebate after I called the first time.

Perhaps my experience was atypical — I hope it is.

If not, you should stay away from this card, or at least be prepared to put up with the hassle to get your 20 bucks.

Another major downside, if you apply for this card online, it carries a hefty variable annual percentage rate of 22.90% (that’s the prime rate of 3.25% plus 19.65%). That’s a much higher interest rate than you’d get with a typical Discover credit card.

You may be offered lower rates by applying within Walmart stores.

Even so, if you don’t typically pay your balance off every month, stay away from this credit card.

It’s also important to note that while this card is a Discover Card that can be used at any business that accepts Discover, it is issued by GE Money Bank, not Discover itself.

I have been a satisfied customer of Discover for more than two decades and found its customer service to be quite good. Clearly, GE Money Bank doesn’t value its customers the same way Discover does.

If you ask me, if you want a Discover card, stick to the real thing.

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  1. 20's Finances said:
    on September 28th at 09:32 am

    Wow, that is a horrible story. It is stories like these that remind me how much I hate dealing with things over the phone. I always seem to get passed from one place to the next and have to explain it over and over again. I, too, will stick to the real thing.