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Visa Black Card: Don’t Believe The Hype

You might have recently noticed a new line of commercials from Visa, promoting the status symbol known as the Visa Black Card.

The card, offered by Barclays Bank, includes a $495 annual feeThis card is designed as a direct competitor to the American Express Black and Platinum credit cards, promising to offer top-of-the-line benefits with one-of-a-kind service.

Not long ago, the owners of the Visa Black Card shut down their marketing campaign in an effort to revamp the card and launch a new and improved version. They might want to try again.

Barclays Bank of Delaware issues the card, and while it is actually made out of carbon rather than plastic, the unique benefits all but stop right there.

Here’s what you get for a hefty $495 annual fee:

  • Black Card concierge services — Includes the booking of tee times and restaurants and locating event tickets — even those from sold-out shows.
  • Specialty services — Help with finding and buying rare and expensive items, household items and referrals for special services.
  • 24-hour customer support — Around-the-clock customer support with a live telephone operator, so you no longer have to listen to a machine.
  • VIP airport lounge access — Access to Priority Pass, which allows for lounging at more than 600 locations in 100 airports worldwide.

Yes, the benefits are nice, but I can find each and every one of these on another credit card, and I can guarantee that card includes a much lower annual fee (if one at all).

It should also be noted the Visa Black card offers 1% cash back on all purchases, but again, just a ho-hum rewards program.

The only reason to consider this card is as a status symbol.

Sometimes in business, showing off instills confidence in those you work with, and there is no doubt that once you pull out the Visa Black Card to make a purchase, all of the eyes in the room will notice.

Whether or not you’re willing to pay $500 a year for that symbol is up to you, but in terms of a casual credit card for everyday purchases, the Visa Black Card need not be considered.

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  1. Credit Chris said:
    on September 24th at 01:37 pm

    Nice assessmen; but you have to remember that the visa black card is for those kind of people who make so much that the $500 annual is negligible! Then it serves as a true status symbol, instead of the sub-par looking to be something they’re not.