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USAA Credit Cards: Good Rewards, APRs

You can get an interest rate as low as 6.9%USAA has to be one of best-kept secrets in American retail banking. The bank offers some of the best loan and savings rates around, with low or no fees.

It also offers a variety of credit cards.

All of the cards carry some of the lowest interest rates around, as low as 6.9% if you qualify for the best rate.

The bank mainly serves people in the military and their families, but it’s not a credit union.

Anybody can join to take advantage of USAA’s many low-cost financial products, ranging from free checking and savings accounts to credit cards and mortgages to investment and retirement accounts. (You do have to be a military member to buy auto or property insurance.)

Among the best cards USAA offers is the USAA Rewards MasterCard (it comes in a Visa and American Express version, too). This card lets you earn one point per dollar. As a bonus, you also earn 2,500 points after your first purchase.

Point values vary depending on what you redeem them for, but you get the most for your points when you redeem them for travel rewards.

If you redeem your points for travel, the points are worth a penny each, so 15,000 points are worth $150. There are no blackout travel dates.

The points aren’t worth as much if you redeem them for gift cards or cash, but you won’t have to wait as long to redeem them.

For example, you’ll need 3,500 points for a $25 gift card. If you prefer cash, you’ll need 3,000 points to get $25.

You can also use your points and donate them to participating charities. A total of 6,000 points is worth $25.

Probably the best part about USAA cards is the low interest rates. The lowest rate on most USAA cards is 9.9%.

However, if you’re looking for the absolutely lowest rate card, check out the USAA Rate Advantage MasterCard.
The lowest APR on that card is 6.9%, assuming you qualify.

If you’re looking to transfer a balance from another credit card in order to take advantage of these low rates, you can also save on balance transfer fees. USAA charges a 3% balance transfer fee on all its cards, but the fee is capped at $75. Many other banks charge 4% or 5%, with no dollar limit.

USAA is also one of the best banks when it comes to customer service. If you’re looking to switch banks, USAA is definitely a company you should know about.

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