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US Bank FREE $100 Gas Deal

US Bank is running a deal where you can get free $100 gas for applying for the US Bank Cash Bonus Check Card with a checking account and linking it up with an Exxon mobile Speedpass key tag.

Remember, this only works at Exxon Mobil gas stations. This deal expires September 07, 2008.

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  1. Jesse said:
    on September 5th at 01:56 pm

    Offer good at participating branches in the Milwaukee, St. Louis and Cincinnati markets only.

  2. Mojave Jack said:
    on September 5th at 06:12 pm

    Even if it were available here, it doesn’t seem like such a great deal. Exxon Mobile prices tend to rund $0.10-$0.15/gal higher than the no name discount brands so I rarely buy it. And if you want a “name” brand fuel, others (such as Hess) are still cheaper.

  3. Craig said:
    on September 5th at 09:27 pm

    Price difference or not, it is free gas. Its a bank account with no min balance or direct deposit requirement, so really the only requirement is an initial deposit. Well worth my time.

  4. doug said:
    on September 9th at 09:56 pm

    US bank sucks. Do not bank with them.