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UPside Now Offers Three Service Plans

One of our favorite prepaid debit cards for college students now has three service plans to choose from.

One is cheap and basic. The others provide more options for managing your kid’s money, even check writing.

Whichever one you choose, the UPside Prepaid Visa is a good way to provide students with cash while maintaining some control over their spending.

Teens can only spend the amount parents load the card. There’s no way to overdraw the account and rack up big overdraft charges, or incur similar penalties by exceeding a credit card limit.

Online access allows parents to see how much money is available and talk with their kids if spending starts to veer off course.

Unlike many prepaid debit cards, there’s no fee to make a purchase.

Transferring money to the card from a parent’s checking or savings account is also free.

The three options are:

UPside Clear charges no monthly or annual fees. The maximum balance is $1,000 and direct deposits from employers or friends are $2.50 each. You can swipe this card to make purchases, but it can’t be used in ATM machines.

UPside Access charges a $2.99 monthly membership fee. The maximum balance is $2,000 and direct deposits are free. Cash withdrawals from ATMs cost $1.49 (plus the fee from whatever bank you’re using.) Online check writing is available for teens over age 18.

Upside Edge charges an annual membership fee of $29.95. It has a $5,000 maximum balance, direct deposits are free, ATM withdrawals are $1.49 plus bank charges, and online check writing is available.

If we have a concern about this card, it’s the terrible customer service some of our readers have complained about.

Be sure and read the comments on this post before applying for an UPside Prepaid Visa.

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  1. aaron said:
    on January 4th at 09:42 pm

    All and All its the best PP card out…BUT the Customer Service(lack their of) could use a lot of work, I had my CC # Stolen and I had to go through A LOT OF RED TAPE just to prove that I did not make those charges. I live in the US and the charge was for a Cable bill in India…I mean HELLO!!!! Why would I be paying for cable in a country in which I do not live in!!! But only after I through a total fit and a slight rampage I got my money back…but it still took a long time!! (to long as per US Laws) Also FYI none of the customer service was in the USA…Cheap ANY FEE they have should reflect that…just a thought