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UFB Direct 5.71% APY 12-Month+ Internet CD

UFB Direct is offering 5.71% APY on their Internet CD accounts that are longer than 12-months. You can go as high as 60-Months and still get a guaranteed 5.71% APY. This is a great way to lock in interest rates for the future.

UFB Direct offers secure online banking options: accounts are accessed via a 128-bit SSL encryption, and digital ID’s via Verisign, and automatic log off of accounts that display inactivity for more than ten minutes time. UFB Direct offers services to customers that do not require physical bank branches, bank tellers, maintenance, and other overhead typically associated with branch locations. The ease of which one can access any an all of their accounts is accompanied by monetary savings: vital savings that are handed down to the consumer via higher interest rates on savings accounts, lower banking fees, and a number of attractive benefits.

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  1. Rosalie Smith said:
    on November 8th at 09:21 pm

    Please get in touch with me about the 5.71 APY at UFB Direct for 12 months.