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Two New Hampshire CDs Worth Voting For

Triangle Credit Union unveiled two CD specials this week for lucky savers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The first pays 1.50% APY on 15-month certificates to match the top nationally available 2-year return from the banks on our CD Rates Leaderboard.

Even more impressive is its 28-month return of 2.00% APY, requiring the same $1,000 minimum deposit. To earn that much from the best-paying banks on our Leaderboard, you’d have to stretch to 48 months.

Of course, savvy savers will still check the day’s best CD rates in Bankrate’s extensive database before committing to any certificate, but it seems unlikely you’ll do better than these Triangle promotions.

Membership in the credit union is open to anyone who lives or works in New Hampshire’s Hillsborough, Rockingham, Merrimack, Cheshire and Belknap counties or in Massachusetts’ Middlesex, Worcester, Essex and Franklin counties.

Joining Triangle and opening its certificates of deposit can be done online, by phone or at one of its seven branches in Nashua, Manchester, Derry and Amherst, New Hampshire.

For dozens more local and regional deals like this one, visit our constantly updated roundup of the nation’s top-paying CDs from credit unions and community banks.

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