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Two Good Local CDs For Carolinians

CommunityOne Bank has two CD specials available only at its 45 branches in western North Carolina.

The first is an odd-term, 16-month certificate of deposit paying 2.01% APY, with a $10,000 minimum deposit.

The second is a 24-month “Power-UP CD,” which pays 1.50% APY for the first six months, and then adds 0.25 percentage points to the rate every six months after that.

The effective rate for the full, 2-year term is 2.25% APY, also with a $10,000 minimum deposit.

That’s more than you can make with the best nationally available 12-month and 24-month CD rates.

Thanks to reader Jim Caveness for calling these to our attention.

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  1. Hippie said:
    on May 4th at 03:06 pm

    That’s a mold-breaker. Great thnnikig!