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Turning To Angie To Find A New Doctor

I wanted a new dermatologist.

I used Angie's List to find a new doctor and felt like an empowered consumer.Not only did my ex-doc’s smarmy billing tactics piss me off, but he made me feel like an ATM machine: He got his cash and he got me out of there.

I wanted a doctor who would take time with my office visits, listen to my concerns, look at my medical history and offer solutions instead of a wham, bam, thank you ma’am approach.

I talked to my primary care physician about recommendations, but all he offered was a list of dermatologists who take my insurance.

So I decided to look on Angie’s List and walked away an empowered consumer. MORE

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  1. Anne said:
    on August 28th at 07:08 pm

    Let’s stick with the banking updates, please. These recent medical-related posts don’t belong here. I enjoy visiting this site in order to be the first to hear about a great CD rate or learn about financial trends. I DON’T want to hear about your doctor visits.

  2. Mas Dhani said:
    on August 29th at 04:37 pm

    Yes, of course..I hear that

  3. willam hopkins said:
    on August 31st at 09:25 pm

    -Don’t join Angies List . Theres no way to verify the audience are not shills for Angie. What really pissed me off was when Angie tried to renew my membership without me authorizing it.