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Top Savings Account Rate Back To 1.75%

We’re back to where we were earlier this year, with the best savings accounts paying less than 2%.

We're back to where we were a few months ago

Southern Community Bank and Trust continues to offer the top rate through its Web site.

But it recently cut the return to 1.75% APY, with no minimum deposit to open an account.

That’s what the best savings accounts were paying in February, before Southern Community jumped to the top of our rankings by paying 2.00% APY.

Returns on the next four, top-paying savings accounts range from 1.60% APY to 1.50% APY, with minimum initial deposits as low as $1 and as high as $25,000.


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3 Existing Comments
  1. sangiovese said:
    on May 5th at 11:46 am

    southern community bank and trust has a 1 star rating at and a 3 star rating at Bauer Reports. which one is correct? who do you trust?

  2. Rebelo55 said:
    on May 5th at 06:18 pm

    As long as the bank if FDIC insured we should trust the bank. Bankrate or Bauer Reports are not equal to or better than FDIC. Even if the bank fails your money is safe.

  3. sangiovese said:
    on May 6th at 06:11 am

    safe for NOW maybe. guess you have not been following things like the FDIC is STREEEAAACCHED to the limits. OR back in the good old days when banks were solvent and did not need a bailout. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN EVEN TO THE FDIC. thank you but i think i will put my SIX AND SEVEN figure savings in accounts that have a better chance to survive. who needs the hassle of dealing with a failed bank when it is just as easy to find a 3 or 4 star as it is a ONE STAR. my point is that’s rating may not be trusted and they should be. is connected to