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Top National 5-Year Return Falls To 2.25%

As we projected might happen, the top nationally available return for 60-month CDs has dropped back to 2.25% APY.

Over the past four weeks EverBank had been paying a modestly better 2.27% APY.

But the Jacksonville-based bank, with 10 branches around Florida and a popular online portal, lowered that to 2.20% APY today.

This means the best coast-to-coast 5-year return you’ll find among the banks on our CD Rates Leaderboard reverts back to Capital One 360 and Synchrony Bank.

It also sends us back to the same top national rate that we’ve been more or less stuck with since February 2014.

Savers determined to do better than that should checkout our roundup of the best local deals from credit unions and community banks.

They currently pay up to 3.05% APY for 5-year certificates of deposit, if you live in the right place or work for the right employer.

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