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Top CD Rate At HSBC Pays Just 0.15%

HSBC sign hangs outside a branch in a multi-story building.We may have found a winner for the worst bank for CD rates.

If you took advantage of the highest rate at HSBC Bank, you’d earn a whopping 0.15% APY.

And that will require at least 48 months and either an HSBC Premier or Advance checking account.

If you’re wondering how bad that actually is, we’ll do the math for you.

If you deposited the minimum amount of $1,000, in four years you’d have about $1,006.

That’s right, six whole dollars.

The HSBC website only lists relationship rates for CDs purchased online and over the phone. Not a single one comes close to average:

3-month CD rate is 0.01% APY versus an average rate of 0.12% APY. (Leaderboard leader is 0.55% APY.)

6-month CD rate is 0.01% APY versus an average rate of 0.16% APY. (Leaderboard leader is 0.88% APY.)

12-month CD rate is 0.01% APY versus an average rate of 0.26% APY. (Leaderboard leader is 1.05% APY.)

24-month CD rate is 0.05% APY (online) or 0.10% APY (phone) versus an average rate of 0.41% APY. (Leaderboard leader is 1.30% APY.)

36-month CD rate is 0.10% APY versus an average rate of 0.50% APY. (Leaderboard leader is 1.40% APY.)

HSBC Bank USA, the subsidiary of UK-based HSBC Holdings, may offer different rates at one of its more than 250 U.S. branches in 11 states on the East and West coasts.

For some reason, we think you’d be better off checking out the CD Rates Leaderboard.

Learn more about HSBC Bank at or call 800-975-4722.

Compare HSBC Bank’s returns with the best CD rates from scores of other banks in our extensive database.

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