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Top 6-Month CD Rates Dip To 1.50%

Country Bank remains atop of our rankings of the best 6-month CD rates, even though it lowered its yield to 1.50% APY from 1.60% on March 4.

Country Bank remains a the top of our rankings of the best 6-month CD rates.

This 14-branch bank in central Massachusetts has held this position for the past three months, and requires a minimum deposit of only $500.

Unfortunately, online applications are not available at Country Bank so you have to call (800) 322-8233. A friendly representative will explain how to buy a certificate of deposit by mail.

Most other ranking 6-month CDs are also lower than those listed last month, when four were tied at 1.40%. Now one edged over the 1.40% mark, while the others fell off the charts.

The top rates on 6-month CDs from these banks are:

1.41% APY with a $5,000 minimum deposit from the Chicago office of the State Bank of India.

1.35% APY with a $10,000 minimum deposit from Golf Savings Bank, which has 38 branches in Montana, Oregon, Idaho and Washington.

Use our database of CD rates to compare these rates with the best deals from scores of other banks.

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