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Top 36-Month CD Rates Remain Above 3%

You can still earn more than 3% on your savings if you take advantage of the best 36-month CD rates.

Over the past couple of years the average return on those certificates of deposit has plunged from 3.77% APY to just 1.70% APY, the lowest its been since we started tracking those rates nine years ago.

Average 36-Month CD Rates

But rates on the top-paying, nationally-available 36-month CDs have pretty much held their own since we checked them out in mid-May.

You can almost double the average return if you take advantage of these deals:

3.27% APY with a $2,500 minimum deposit from Tennessee Commerce Bank, which has a single branch in Franklin, Tenn.

3.10% APY with a $2,500 minimum deposit from Intervest Bank, the online division of Intervest National Bank of New York City.

3.10% APY with a $2,500 minimum deposit from Discover Bank, the online bank of Discover credit cards.

Click here to compare those offers with the best CD rates from dozens of other banks in our extensive database.

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