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The Greatest Deals In Bankahistory

Happy Birthday to us!

Bankaholic is three this summer and we thought it would be a good time to look back and pick our 10 favorite, dare we say greatest, deals.

We're celebrating with a look back at our greatest CD rates and other bank deals.

We combed through almost 600 posts to find everything from sky-high CD rates to the best gift for opening a new account — and it ain’t no stinkin’ toaster.

Savings accounts that paid 6%. Mortgages that cost only 4.3%. Credit cards that charged no interest for a year, or gave you a free airplane ticket just for signing up.

They all made the list. MORE

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  1. William S said:
    on August 24th at 11:46 am

    Wow… 6% interest rate on a savings account! I was recently sorting through old bills and found bank statements from 20 years ago (BofA and CalFed) that showed CHECKING account interest in the 4% range! Hard to imagine now.
    I know we’re all trying to hang on for the economy to turn around and for the feds to STOP PUNISHING SAVERS! I sold inherited real estate in 2007 when accounts and CDs were still paying 4-5%, so I thought I could easily live off the interest income. Well, we all know what happened shortly thereafter. I’ve yet to have a profitable month.
    I just hope we can hang on so that our heads are still above water once this whole thing turns around.
    Thanks for the informative (and sympathetic) website! I just found it and bookmarked it.

  2. JOHNS WU said:
    on August 24th at 03:13 pm


    i’m thrilled you guys remembered

  3. K said:
    on August 24th at 03:33 pm

    Happy Bday!! Hope we have many many more to come. I really enjoy the site.

  4. ck said:
    on August 25th at 11:35 am

    I enjoy your site and check it once or so each week. I recently used two banks listed on the site to get better than average returns on two maturing cd’s. I was able to open my accounts online and the transfer of funds was effected quite easily. Thanks Bankaholic !