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The Debit Card Of The Future Is Flat

TD Bank has begun issuing debit cards without raised numbers.

They’re perfectly flat, with the numbers just printed on the front.

Even though some retailers think the cards are fake,TD Bank Flat-Front Debit Card they’re not only legit, they’re probably what all debit cards will look like in a few years.

Credit and debit cards needed raised numbers back in the day when retailers made carbon copies of receipts with imprint machines.

But when was the last time you saw one of those?

A spokesperson said TD Bank is switching to flat cards because they can be made in any of its 1,000 branches, from Maine to Florida.

Customers can have a new debit card in their hands in just five minutes, whether they’re replacing a lost or stolen card, or opening a new account.

No more waiting five to 10 business days for it to arrive in the mail.

How cool is that? I certainly want my bank to do this.

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5 Existing Comments
  1. flat card said:
    on May 27th at 04:22 pm

    My Canadian credit union debit card has been flat these last two years I’ve had it. It hasn’t been a problem, but I’ve sometimes taken taxis that use the raised numbers to carbon copy credit cards and I wonder if that could be problematic.

  2. sangiovese said:
    on May 27th at 05:23 pm

    great idea. now if all the credit and debit card companies would go MINI also.

  3. byteme said:
    on May 28th at 08:24 am

    I think that banks that issue cards should issue just ONE instead of cluttering our wallets with visa and debit. one card, multi purpose should be the objective. These flat cards….do they contain the chips too?? I should hope so or the fraud factor will escalate.

  4. Peter said:
    on May 31st at 09:45 am

    France has been doing this for ages. Now when will they wise up and add smart chips for extra security? It would save so much time and money and reduce charges of fraud.

  5. Robert said:
    on January 4th at 02:19 pm

    This has been a nightmare since TD issued the first one. I cannot shop at most major retailers because their technology does not support the cards. Im not speaking of 20 employee mom-n-pop dry cleaners. Pathmark foods, Giant foods, Wawa Foods, Sunoco,
    these companies are where I do a great deal of business and they do not have the interoperability to support these cards.

    As far as security goes, I never had a fraud-alert on my TD bank account until ONE WEEK AFTER I SWITCH TO FLAT DEBIT!!!
    Now i receive a fraud alert twice a month! I somehow dont receive the same grief from any other bank or card issuer. I will never recommend TD bank to anyone!