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Best Savings Account Now Pays 1.75%

Less than two weeks ago we scoured the country to find the top-paying savings accounts.

We've found four new deals that are actually better than the ones they replace

But three of the five rates have already been cut, including the top two.

That sent us back to work and we’re pleased to report that we’ve found four new deals that are actually better than the ones they replace.

It’s possible to earn 1.75% APY or 1.70% APY with hefty minimum balances, or 1.55% with no minimum balance.


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  1. Jonas said:
    on February 18th at 02:32 pm

    I would point out that Redneck Bank, shady though they may be, pays 2.00% APY on their Mega Money market account.

  2. Daniel said:
    on February 18th at 03:28 pm

    What makes them “shady”

  3. Jonas said:
    on February 19th at 07:47 am

    Well, they just seem to have a “shoestring” feel about them to me.

    The website seems rather poorly constructed for one.

    Also, when I signed up, I later got an email saying “We are unable to process your opening deposit. Please send us a check for $500.” However the email did not include a mailing address, or any further instructions on who to make the check payable to, what information to include with it, etc.

    When I replied to the email to ask for further information, I received a response with “Out of office auto-reply” as the subject, and no content, so I had to call them.

    Later they sent me a free foam beer can cooler and keychain, and it came in an envelope with my address and theirs handwritten, and the included stationary had their contact information done as a jpeg graphic which was horribly pixelated and borderline unreadable.

    I guess if they can run a shoestring low-overhead operation pay a handsome rate in return, good for them, but it leaves me with a kind of funny feeling.

  4. DealMaven said:
    on February 19th at 10:05 am

    Redneck Bank is one of three Oklahoma banks owned by the Huckabay family, the others being AmericaNet and Evantage Bank. We’ve referenced these banks in our savings account articles because their 2.00% APY money market rate is the best available.

    Early on we got complaints regarding service, but they dwindled as the banks became more proficient in handling nationwide demand. They may not yet be perfect but you can’t argue the 2.00%.

    To learn more about these banks, please read Top MMAs Still Paying 2.00% APY.