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Summer Travel Is Taking Off. Will You?

Poll QuestionWith the seemingly longest, coldest and snowiest winter (for some U.S. residents, anyway) finally in the rearview mirror, we’re not surprised to see summer vacation plans heating up.

Nearly half of travel counselors surveyed by American Express Travel reported an increase in summer 2014 travel bookings over 2013.

What’s also interesting is that 67% of those travel counselors noted the cost of travel is up, too, especially for airfare and hotels.

In other words, folks are willing to pay more to get outta Dodge.

And apparently, they’re even ponying up more funds to make their vacation a little nicer through upgrades and activities.

Only 20% of the travel counselors surveyed said their customers care most about keeping to a budget.

Of course, we realize this spike in both summer vacations and their costs correlate to more than a bad winter. We’ve reported on other surveys that found Americans are incurring credit card debt again and feeling more comfortable with spending in general.

For many, vacations were probably the first to go when times were tough. And now this staple of summer is back.

We just hope these vacations – whether they’re to the beach or Europe – are paid for from savings, not an emergency fund, and not charged on a credit card.

And while the survey didn’t delve into the average cost of 2014 bookings, we’re curious about what folks are spending on getaways.

Bankaholic readers, care to divulge?





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