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Sovereign Bank CD Rate

Sovereign Bank CD Rate, according to some rumors from bankers on the east coast, will be amping up its line of CD rates. Keep an eye on it, and please leave a comment if you have some information about this lasalle bank cd rate or Sovereign CD Rate.

Soverign Bank History

Sovereign Bank was established in the year 1902, is a subsidiary of Sovereign Bancorp Incorporated and has markets in the US Northeast. Originally started in Pennsylvania, the bank changed its name to Sovereign in the late ’80s. More than 12 acquisitions have occurred in the last 25 years for Sovereign Bank, lending to the institutions incredible expansion and growth. In 2000 Sovereign Bank acquired FleetBoston Financial and took on 12 billion dollars in deposited funds, over 8 billion dollars in loans, more than 280 bank branches, and more that 500 ATMs. Sovereign Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and is also an equal housing lender.

Sovereign Bank aims to assist customers in reaching financial aspirations; to help shareholder’s increase the ROI (return on investment) they receive, as well as to assist the communities that the institution is active member of. Sovereign Bank offers personal banking options that include premier checking account options, free interest checking accounts, free student checking accounts, Visa Check Card accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, health savings, individual retirement plans, passbook savings for minors, club accounts, investment management, wealth management, online banking, phone banking, bill pay options, debit cards, credit cards, direct deposit options, mortgages, home equity lines, auto loans, and educational loans.

Sovereign Bank also provides business banking and corporate banking options. Merchant services, payroll services, specialty banking, insurance options, investment assistance, wealth management, employee pensions, collections, reconcile and disbursement options are all readily available from Sovereign Bank.

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