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Sovereign Bank $100 Gas Card Checking Account Deal


Sovereign Bank is running a promotion on their checking accounts. If you sign up for a personal checking account and use their Visa CheckCard 6 times in 60 days, you will get a $50 Exxon Mobil gas card. Add direct deposit and get another $50 gas card.

If you open a business checking account with them and use their VISA CheckCard, you can get a $200 Exxon Mobil gas card.

So what’s the catch?

Unlike a CD (certificate of deposit) or money market savings account, the interest rates on these checking accounts are very low. The last time I checked, they were only 0.10% APY.

If you want to get cash back on gas, you can also apply for a gas rewards credit card. You can get about 5% cash-back at the pump. Considering the rising costs of fuel, this could really add up!

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  1. Leigh said:
    on July 25th at 04:35 pm

    Looks this deal is dead