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Simmons First 7.25% Platinum Visa Card

You don’t need a short-term teaser rate when the real deal is this good.

Simmons First National Bank, has branches across Arkansas and one of the lowest credit card rates in the country.

You must have excellent credit to qualify for its Platinum Visa card, but if you do, you’ll pay a fixed rate of 7.25% for purchases and 11.25% for cash advances.

There’s no annual fee or transfer fee to move your balance from a high-rate credit card to your new account at Simmons (if you apply through the online offer above. If not, you’ll pay the standard 3%.)

You might think this isn’t quite as good a deal as the Pulaski Bank Visa Card — 6.50% on purchases and cash advances.

But Pulaski charges a $35 annual fee, and we know how feeaphobic Bankaholic readers can be.

So if you want a great rate and no annual fee, the Simmons deal might be a better fit.

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  1. pam said:
    on April 9th at 08:24 pm

    FYI I just opened a roth ira cd at Bank of America in Oakland Ca. The one year rate was 2.71, 2.75APY.