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Over the years, thousands of you have signed up to receive our “Deal Alerts.”

Bankaholic Deal AlertsUnfortunately our antiquated email system limited how many alerts we could send, when we could send them, and what they could include.

In short, the whole thing sucked.

Today, we’re launching a new system that will finally allow us to make good on our promise to tell you about the latest post on CD, savings account and money market rates the instant it’s published.

Many of the best deals only last a few days. We’ve seen some only lasted a few hours.

Our new and improved “Deal Alerts” will make sure you see all the top rates in time to take advantage of them.

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8 Existing Comments
  1. Tony said:
    on June 9th at 10:15 am

    What the hell are you doing?????? You’re sending outdated info representing “Improved Deal Alerts”!!! This info is over a year old!

  2. Tom said:
    on June 9th at 10:16 am

    When will this BS of low interest on CD’s come to an end???? Will we ever see 5% on a CD again and if so when???

  3. CrankySaver said:
    on June 9th at 10:50 am

    Tony, you’re looking at the links to “Related Articles” that the blog-building software automatically places on each page. And yeah, those can be some old posts. The new “Deal Alerts” will tell you about new deals that have just been posted.

  4. Tony said:
    on June 9th at 11:04 am

    Cranky Saver: Thank you for response, however Bankaholic contacted me with the same notice. What’s the dif? Why do they keep posting these antiquated rates. It’s sooo annoying. They, Bankaholic, design these web pages, so REdesign them so they don’t reflect those OUT OF DATE rates. They explain it like it’s another entity that they have no control over. I’m tired! I’ve listened to my parents while growing and saved, saved, and saved for my retirement. Now I’m retired, the banks give you ZIP for your life of saving.

  5. Ben said:
    on June 9th at 12:07 pm

    I want to see – Current Deal Alerts. Deals in the past should be deleted in their entirety!

  6. annaf said:
    on June 9th at 02:50 pm

    Ben, you realise this is a Blog right? Every blog out there keeps its old posts – you read the latest posts to stay current and check out the old ones if you want to marvel at how things are different now than in the past. like the captain’s log Kirk was always narrating.

    that’s why it’s called a blog. it’s a weB LOG.

  7. Bob said:
    on June 9th at 02:55 pm

    Tony, I signed up today and got an alert that had links to 2 posts that were recent ones. so I dont know what your talking about the emails being old information. mine was current.
    as for saving all your life and now banks dont pay you for it. yeah…it really is bad. no reward for being a good little kid – only rewards for irresponsible overspending. the american way.

  8. John said:
    on June 11th at 06:55 am

    Re: saving & low return rates; another victim of the “just-world” mindset (if you do good, good things happen to you, etc.). Too bad our parents taught us that crap but isn’t it about time you divorced yourself from what is obviously “magic thinking”? Things are what they are, not what they “should be”. Figure out how to do what you can within the rules of the game as they currently exist.