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Show Your Disgust With Corporate Greed While Earning Valuable Reward Points

Jon Stewart begins this segment of The Daily Show by worrying that we’re never going to see any serious reform of the banking and financial industry.

“You get the sense they want to preserve as many loopholes as possible,” Stewart says. “It’s kind of like we’re going to cut down on robberies. From now on it’s only what you can carry.”

Which leads the anchor to call in “resident expert” John Hodgman and ask if taxpayers who bailed out the financial industry will ever see “any real meaningful changes.”

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“Well, I’m here to reassure you and the American people that the answer is, ‘Of course not,'” Hodgman replies. “No meaningful changes whatsoever…

“We’re never going to stop bankers and CEOs from finding every possible way to take our money. That’s capitalism. We can however, reform how people feel about it.”

The highlight of that public relations effort turns out to be the Angry Mob Platinum Diamond Card, “which allows you to express your outrage against corporate greed while earning valuable reward points.”

At an introductory rate of 32%. Or 39% if you keep complaining.

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