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Short-Term Nashville CDs Pay 1% Or More

For savers in the Music City area, INSBANK is offering two top rates for short-term CDs.

INSBANK is paying 1.00% APY on a 7-month certificate, which beats the top nationally available 6-month yield of 0.85% APY on our CD Rates Leaderboard.

For the same $20,000 minimum deposit, the Nashville bank is also offering an 18-month bump-up CD at 1.35% APY.

This matches the top national return for 2-year CDs, while allowing INSBANK savers to improve their rate once during the CD’s 18-month term.

Although any resident of Tennessee can complete an online form to initiate the purchase of an INSBANK certificate of deposit, a visit to its single branch at 2106 Crestmoor Road is required to complete the process.

Note that INSBANK does not post rates on its website, so a phone call is required to verify current CD yields.

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