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Shoppers Who Haggle Save Big

Poll QuestionA whopping 89% of shoppers who haggled for a better price in the past three years were rewarded for their efforts, according to a new survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

We think that’s an amazing result, especially when you consider these shoppers sometimes saved hundreds of dollars on things they were likely going to purchase anyway.

Plus, any cash that stays in your pocket is a good thing.

In its report, Consumer Reports magazine singles out a New York teacher’s aide who ended up paying $2,400 instead of $10,000 for cataract surgery after asking for a break because she lacked insurance.

That’s a heck of a difference.

Graphic showing percentage of people successful haggling

Respondents were most successful when bargaining for appliances, jewelry and furniture. For example, 39% reported negotiating on the prices of appliances. Some 94% were successful at least once, and the average amount saved was $200.

Now these are major ticket items, and ones you typically don’t purchase every day or even every year.

But if you’ll clip a coupon for 50 cents off a loaf of bread, why wouldn’t you try and negotiate a better deal when it came time to buy a new refrigerator or a couch?

Other items successfully bargained for were collectibles or antiques, personal electronics, cell phone plans and bank or credit card fees.

The survey found that fewer people negotiated for a reduction in bank or credit card fees than in the past, but credited that to the Credit Card Act of 2009, which “put in place sweeping pro-consumer rules.” Those that did saved an average of $100.

Overall, less than half (48%) of the people the magazine surveyed said they had tried to bargain for a better deal. That means these shoppers and many more just like them probably shell out more money than they need to when making a major purchase.

That makes us wonder how many of our readers have scored a deal. Answer our poll below, and if you have a great story of how you bargained, share it in the comments section.



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Results from last week’s question: 87% of respondents said they are financially prepared for unexpected expenses.

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