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Search Hard-To-Find Best Card Offers

You'll have to around the Internet to find the best deals.Credit card companies are always testing new offers without broadcasting them to the general public.

This is done in a variety of ways, but one of the most popular is to release a limited-time offer on a select number of websites you may never have heard of.

Issuers then spend a few months tracking the spending habits of the card members who grab these deals and decide whether to fully launch the offer.

Often, credit card issuers will generate new applications by creating aggressive television ads, which lead consumers to specific websites.

For example, every Capital One advertisement asks that you visit to apply for the credit card you hear or see.

But instead of applying online through an issuer’s website, run a quick Google search for the card you’re considering. If in the first 10 results you don’t see an offer better than the one you’ve already found, it’s safe to say no great offer exists.

Make sure your search includes a look through the best credit card offers in our extensive database.

Another tactic that is often successful when looking for a better offer is to call up the credit card issuer after you’ve been approved to ensure you have the best card offer available.

What happens if you sign up for a credit card that was offering a $100 cash bonus, and it now offers a $200 cash bonus?

Even though you may feel slighted, many prominent issuers will gladly provide you the better bonus. Plus, it never hurts to ask.

Before submitting a credit card application, make sure you do the following:

  • Confirm with an online search that you have the best offer available.
  • Call the issuer to make sure no other offers were recently introduced that provides better terms.
  • Make sure you have the credit needed to be approved for the offer (most cards require excellent credit these days).
  • Double check your application for errors.

Credit cards can be used as a tool to generate large up-front bonuses as well as cash back or travel rewards for everyday purchases.

Consider educating yourself on all offers available before jumping the gun and you’ll ensure a positive experience.

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