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Savings Account And MMA Leaderboards

Our Saving Rate Leaderboards tell you where to find the best nationally available deals on savings and money market accounts. These rates are constantly updated and available to savers in all 50 states. Just contact the bank to invest online or through the mail. The minimum deposit is how much you need to open an account. The minimum balance is how much you must keep in the account to qualify for the top rate or to avoid monthly fees. Search Bankrate’s extensive database to find more of the nation’s best savings rates.

Savings Account Leaders for August 27, 2016

Bank APY Min Deposit Min Balance
Palladian Private Bank 1.30%* $1,000 None
Popular Direct 1.26% $5,000 $500
Incredible Bank 1.11% $2,500 $2,500
Salem Five Direct 1.10% $100 None
SFGI Direct 1.06% $500 None
Alostar Bank of Commerce 1.05% None None
Synchrony Bank 1.05% $30 $30
Radius Bank 1.00% $10 $2,500
UFB Direct 1.00% $100 $25,000
Ally Bank 1.00% None None
iGObanking 1.00% None None
Barclays 1.00% None None
*Palladian Private Bank guarantees this rate for six months. After the six month period the rate returns to 0.90%, giving a combined annual return of 1.10%.

Money Market Leaders for August 27, 2016

Bank APY Min Deposit Min Balance
All America Bank 1.25%** None None
Redneck Bank 1.25%** None None
EverBank 1.11% $1,500 None
Dime Savings Bank 1.10% None $2,500
iGObanking 1.10% $25,000 $25,000
EBSB Direct 1.08% $2,500 $10
Capital One 1.00% None None
ableBanking 1.00% $250 None
Pacific National 1.00% $2,500 $5,000
Incredible Bank 0.95% $2,500 $2,500
** All America and Redneck banks limit the top rate of 1.25% APY to the first $35,000. Balances greater than that earn 0.50% APY.
***Sallie Mae guarantees the introductory rate of 1.19% for six months. After that the return falls to the regular money market account rate of 0.90% for a combined annual APY of 1.05%.