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Same Good Rate On Three Texarkana CDs

It isn’t often that a credit union offers the same rate for three terms – giving all three an edge over leaders on our CD Rates Leaderboard.

But that’s the case with TEXAR Federal Credit Union and its 18-, 24- and 36-month CD rates.

All earn 1.75% APY with a $1,000 minimum deposit if opened online.

The top nationally available 36-month CD rate is stuck at 1.50% APY, and the best 24-month rate is a slightly higher 1.55% APY.

Keep in mind that you’ll earn a tenth of a percentage point less if you buy any certificate of deposit in person at a TEXAR Federal Credit Union branch.

Those are in and around Texarkana, an area surrounding the cities of the same name straddling the Texas and Arkansas border.

Membership in TEXAR Federal Credit Union requires a $25 deposit in a share savings account and is limited to that Texas-Arkansas area, which encompasses Bowie and Cass counties in Texas, Miller County in Arkansas and most of Red River County in Texas.

UPDATE 1/16/15: TEXAR’s 24-month CD is now paying 1.40% APY.

UPDATE 11/18/14: TEXAR has lowered all of these online rates already: 18-month now pays 1.35% APY; 24-month pays 1.45% APY; 36-month pays 1.65% APY.

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