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National Deal: RTN Federal Credit Union Offers 1.85% On 37-Month CDs

A few months ago, you could earn 1.85% APY from a nationally available 3-year bank CD.

Now, the best you can do on our CD Rates Leaderboard is 1.75% APY.

But as Bankaholic readers know, many credit unions and community banks offer certificates of deposit that outpay the top national banks.

Enter RTN Federal Credit Union, whose special 37-month CD is paying 1.85% APY to savers nationwide.

Take a look through Bankrate’s extensive database of the day’s best CD rates – a wise move before committing your funds to any certificate – and you’ll find few offers to compete with RTN’s yield.

The Massachusetts credit union’s 37-month certificate is a special promotion, with an unknown expiration date. It requires a $1,000 minimum deposit and carries an early-withdrawal penalty of six months’ interest should you cash in before maturity.

RTN membership is based primarily on employer and family affiliation. But anyone nationwide can join by authorizing the credit union to make a donation to one of seven affiliated associations in the member’s name. There is no cost to the member.

The one catch for savers who don’t live near one of RTN’s nine Massachusetts branches is that its certificates of deposit can only be opened in person or by mail, and mailed applications require getting your signatures notarized.

For dozens more deals like this one, visit our constantly updated roundup of the country’s best credit union and community bank CDs.

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