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Capital One 360 CD Rates Are Worth Another Look

Capital One 360 logoCapital One recently gave a boost to its certificates of deposit.

Now the bank is offering some of the best national deals on nearly all terms.

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Here’s a look Capital One 360 CD rates:

  • 12-month CD rate is 2.30% APY
  • 18-month CD rate is 1.75% APY
  • 24-month CD rate is 2.50% APY
  • 36-month CD rate is 2.55% APY
  • 60-month CD rate is 2.90% APY


Capital One 360 doesn’t require a minimum deposit, and you can only buy its certificates of deposit online.

Capital One 360 is a division of Capital One, which purchased ING Direct in June 2011.

There are Capital One 360 Cafes in nine cities, including Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Cloud, Philadelphia, Richmond, Denver, South Florida and Austin.

Compare Capital One 360’s returns with the best CD rates from scores of other banks in our extensive database.

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