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Redeem Rewards Fast With Amazon Card

This rewards card pays a generous 3% bonus when you shop at Rewards Card from Chase Bank, which already was one of the best co-branded rewards credit cards, is now even better.

Now you can redeem your rewards points nearly as fast as you earn them, and the process is much simpler.

When you earn 1,000 points, for example, you can use those points to take $10.00 off the price of your purchase. The points are automatically deducted when you check out.

Previously, you had to wait until you reached 2,500 points, contact Chase by phone or online to redeem your points, then wait for the bank to mail you a $25 paper gift certificate. Then you had to type in a long redemption code at the checkout.

You can use your points to pay for a purchase at in the same way you would use any other payment method.

To pay with points, you proceed to the checkout through your Amazon Shopping Cart. When you select your payment method for the purchase, choose the amount of points you wish to pay with.

If you don’t have enough points to pay for your entire purchase, the remaining balance is charged to your Amazon credit card or another credit or debit card you have on file with Amazon, any gift certificates you may have, or whatever payment method you use.

There are a few items on Amazon where you can’t pay with your points, including Kindle electronic book downloads and some digital goods and gift certificates.

If you prefer, you still have the option of redeeming your Amazon points for gift cards to other retailers, travel or cash, but you must have a minimum of 2,500 points.

The card has a generous rewards structure, especially if you shop often at Amazon.

You earn three points per dollar on Amazon purchases, two points at gas stations, drug stores and restaurants and one point on all other purchases.

In addition, if you qualify, you get instant credit approval, plus an immediate $30 credit you can use on your first purchase. Chase, which issues the card, says the majority of credit applications take less than 60 seconds.

There’s no annual fee. Variable APRs range from 13.24% to 21.24% (that’s the prime rate of 3.25% plus 9.99% to 17.99%) on purchases and balance transfers, depending on your credit history.

If you shop frequently at Amazon, this card is a must-have.

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  1. BTC said:
    on October 16th at 07:02 pm

    It doesn’t make much sense to redeem points on Amazon, since they have the same value as cash. If you wait and redeem for $50 cash you can get 3 points on the dollar again. If you just use the points directly on Amazon, you won’t get points for the points you spent.

    On a $50 redemption the addition 3% you would get by waiting amounts to $1.50.