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Choosing a Recession Proof Career

It’s becoming more of a reality with each passing day even if politicians are averse to use the proper term.

We are in a recession.
The combination of rising fuel costs, the war in Iraq, the rising price of food and the mortgage crisis in this country has put us in a severe economic downturn. Call it what you want but it has made many of feel extremely uneasy about our future.

How will we continue to live the lifestyles we’ve grown accustomed to? Is it possible? One way to ensure that you’ll come out of this horrendous period of economic history in decent shape is to find a career that can go relatively untouched by a wretched economy.

Here are five careers to consider if this is a concern of yours:

1. Think international.
With the state of the U.S. dollar in steady decline it may be time to consider relocating to Europe for a period of time where economies are thriving. If you have bilingual skills now is the time to put them to use. You probably wondered to yourself as you were taking your seventh year of Spanish: why do I need to know a foreign language? Well, this is the reason. It’s going to give you an opportunity to secure your financial future.

2. Teaching is rewarding.
The stigma that teachers don’t make a lot of money is true. However, they do earn a respectable living and can make up to $80,000 if they earn their masters degree. Not to mention, the pension plan for educators in public schools are excellent where you can earn up to 80 % of your highest salary and receive excellent health benefits.

3. Go green.
Working for the environment is not just a couple of hours of community service on Earth Day anymore. This is a thriving industry as some politicians are serious about combating global warming. This field is open to scientists and people with great communication skills that are adept at promoting major issues.

4. Healthcare jobs are safe.
The healthcare industry is one of the largest growing fields in the United States and there appears to be no end in sight. With healthcare privatized for the foreseeable future there will always be a future in this industry.

5. Public service.
Firefighters, policemen and municipal jobs will always be needed to be filled. While the salaries may not escalate like they used to, there will always be a demand for these services to be rendered.

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  1. cmm said:
    on September 6th at 07:09 am

    You forgot the obvious: engineering. There is always a demand for engineers in the US. There just aren’t enough.

    As a chemical engineer, I can tell you, you will always have a job. In the last two years, the starting salary for a B.S. chemical engineering graduate has gone up a total of 12%. Demand is always high. Oh, and chemengineers have the highest average starting salaries of all B.S. grads, at ~$65K. Chemical engineers often find themselves in powerful rolls in companies in the future as well. The opportunities that a chemical engineer has beats a lot of the ones above. Engineers are employable internationally without learning a second language.

    High pay, reliable demand in any economy.

  2. Rob said:
    on September 7th at 05:14 pm

    Was going to agree. I’m currently studying electrical engineering myself 😉

  3. Jun Loayza said:
    on September 7th at 09:41 pm

    I would also include entrepreneurship. As a young entrepreneur , I have seen many of my friends who have chosen to take the corporate business path out of a job. Not that entrepreneurship is easy, it is probably the hardest career path of all, but I have spoken to investors who say that even though the economy is on a downturn, they are always looking for good companies to invest in.

    The best thing to do is to do your company research . Find out what industry the company is in, research the industry, and find out if what you’re looking for is something stable, or something risky with a huge potential of return.

    – Jun

  4. Tim said:
    on September 8th at 04:14 pm

    Don’t forget accounting! There are huge opportunities in accounting especially if you get your CPA. You can get a job in ANY city in ANY industry. Salary potential is huge.

  5. Tim O'Keefe said:
    on September 8th at 04:50 pm

    Recession? I wasn”t aware that we were in a recession. You might want to tell Ben Bernanke.

  6. John said:
    on September 9th at 01:11 am

    How about Australia IT Jobs? It still growing and growing for those who have IT skill.
    Just check out new jobs available in Australia now.

  7. Peter said:
    on September 9th at 11:35 pm

    I am a business admin grad what potential is there for me? I also would like to do online schooling but in something different. Any ideas?

  8. Marcia Robinson - BullsEyeResumes said:
    on September 10th at 01:17 am

    I can tell we are in a recession by how long it takes me to get onto the freeway from the on ramp. I thought it was just a slow summer, but then the kids went back to school and there was no traffic from the new developments which were booming a couple years ago.

    Anyway, check out my blog posts on Surviving In a Recession. There is a list of 25 recession proof careers and some information on green jobs!


  9. Ozaer_Shah said:
    on September 13th at 10:40 pm

    Anything in the service sector will survive this recession. Especially if its something people always need–i.e. haircuts, auto repairs, etc..

  10. Marcia Robinson - BullsEyeResumes said:
    on September 17th at 11:44 am

    Read my latest tips for those who are going to survive job losses on Wall Street.


  11. Scott Pape - Cut Up Your Credit Cards said:
    on November 13th at 05:19 am

    You forgot the absolute obvious – as very well lived out by our good friend Johns Wu… blogging! or to be less specific online business or online marketing.

    Yep think international, but also think online 🙂

  12. Johns Wu said:
    on February 24th at 01:27 am

    Oh yes, and blogging of course.

  13. Recession Proof Career said:
    on June 8th at 05:44 am

    Just wanted to add a small tip on creating a recession proof career. It would be a good idea to plan out your career or business by considering government contracting. This is a very lucrative financial opportunity that can help you stabilize financially and increase your income flow if it is done the right way.

    If this is something that you are interested in to put an end to your financial worries, get yourself registered with the Central Contractor Registry which is a federal clearing house for vendors and small businesses too. Also identify a product or service that you can supply to the government and which the government needs in order to get a contract.

    You can win such billion dollar contracts and secure your career or business better even during this phase of recession.