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PNC Bank FREE $75 Checking Deal

PNC Bank is offering a free $75 bonus for signing up for a checking account with direct deposit.

You need to open a qualifying checking account by Jan 31, 2009, and enroll in online banking by Feb 27, 2009 to qualify.

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  1. BankVibe said:
    on January 21st at 07:16 pm

    I covered this deal as well, its pretty solid.

    You only need a one-time direct deposit of $500 to be eligible. That’s an instant 14% return!!!!!!!

  2. BankBank said:
    on January 22nd at 02:01 am

    Money good. Yes, Money we like.

  3. metatrader said:
    on January 22nd at 09:19 am

    Hm, $75 sounds like a “delicious” proposal…

  4. BloggingBanks said:
    on January 22nd at 10:34 am

    It definitely is a very good deal. Chasing Bank Bonuses is a nice way to build alternative income in 2009..

  5. metatrader said:
    on January 24th at 01:53 pm

    BankVibe, what’s do you mean by an instant 14% return?

  6. Bernz said:
    on January 24th at 11:42 pm

    Metatrader, he meant 14% of $500 as an instant return. If more banks will have this type of offer, can you imagine opening up 10 different accounts on 10 different banks? That’s an instant $750 for $5000 account deposit.

  7. BankVibe said:
    on January 25th at 02:06 am


    $75 is 14% of $500 (which is required for initial deposit). I shouldn’t have said “instant return” though as I believe it may take 90 days to obtain the $75 bonus.

  8. EC said:
    on January 27th at 05:54 pm

    How did you guys set up the direct deposit?

  9. Unknown said:
    on February 24th at 11:59 pm

    PNC BANK always has good offers…esp for the $75 dollars as long as you work for certain companies and do payroll direct deposit….never expires…

    Great Bank…did not have any mortgage crises…NEVER…had almost zero exposure .062%…..