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Piedmont Bank 5.75% CD Rates

Piedmont Bank is now offering a 5.75% APY on certificate of deposit terms from 12 to 60 months. This is one of the best cd rates in the nation. The minimum is $1,000, and these are available as regular or IRA CDs. Also, these are available as business CD’s as best certificate of deposit rates in America. Interest may be credited to the best bank CD or paid by check.

Branches are located in Atlanta and Norcross, Georgia. On the cd rates page, it states that "Rates and terms offered are limited to Piedmont Bank’s market area."

The cd bank has been FDIC insured since 2001. It has a safe and sound rating of 4 out of 5 stars at

Piedmont Bank was established in 1998 and is an Internet bank offering customers financial services. Piedmont Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and is state chartered. The Internet banking options afforded to customers by Piedmont Bank included personal checking accounts like the Free First Choice Checking, the Prime First Checking, the Super First Checking, the Classic Checking Account, and the Classic Plus Checking Account. Savings account options offered at Piedmont Bank include the Young Savers Account, the First Savers Account, Certificates of Deposit, Individual Retirement Accounts, and the Coverdell Education Savings Account.

Piedmont Bank supplies loan services to customers. Customers can apply for Personal Loans, Home Equity Loans, Home Construction Loans, and Home Mortgage Loans. Meanwhile, businesses can also access great financial services at Piedmont Bank including FPB Free Business Checking, FPB Business Checking Plus for Sole Proprietors and Non-For-Profit Organizations, Commercial Checking, and business loans. Piedmont Bank makes business banking easy by offering customers access to a night deposit, merchant services, personal credit cards and corporate credit cards.

Since Piedmont Bank offers Internet banking services, all customers can review account statements online, quickly process and review transaction history, set up automatic bill pay options, and easily transfer funds from one account to the next. Piedmont Banks also makes several financial tools available including financial calculators. Customers can calculate retirement savings, loan payment expectations, savings, and make other important financial assessments with ease online. Calculations can them be used to properly plan for the future.

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22 Existing Comments
  1. JC said:
    on December 13th at 01:35 pm

    Ya gotta go there to open it~

  2. gerald duffie said:
    on December 13th at 03:00 pm

    would like info on 6 mo cds

  3. said:
    on December 13th at 04:47 pm

    nice cd rates for those in the local area

  4. jordan gralnik said:
    on December 26th at 07:58 pm

    Please send rates for investing a total of $13000. to $15,000 in CD’s or money market funds.
    Thank you,
    Marilyn Gralnik

  5. Colleen said:
    on December 30th at 04:48 am

    I am iterested in a 1 yr cd for $10,000. How much in interest would that earn?

  6. Dave Wickline said:
    on January 9th at 05:19 pm

    Would like information on opening a CD account

  7. Patricia said:
    on January 31st at 10:32 pm

    would like info on investing 60.000.00 in cd. Can they be rolled over from
    year to year? How do I open one?
    Thank You

  8. L.A. said:
    on February 13th at 03:10 pm

    WOULD LIKE TO OPEN A $100,000.00 cd. please advise how?

  9. Anonymous said:
    on February 16th at 10:43 pm

    best cd rates

  10. Dick McArdle said:
    on March 9th at 08:18 pm

    can I open a 2-3 year cd by mail. I live in Florida.
    Please advise

  11. IONE said:
    on April 10th at 10:53 pm


  12. mary Jane Donnelly said:
    on April 16th at 11:09 am

    My son lives in Statesville. We will be moving in a few years after my husband retires. May we open an account and put at least 10,000. in the5.75 interest CD? We would be looking at 60 moths. Please mail literature with details.
    Then we will have our banking establised as well for future direct deposits from our social security and retirement?
    Thank you

  13. Dean Georgacopoulos said:
    on April 16th at 10:12 pm

    Dear Banker,

    If I live in Oregon, can I invest my $25,000 in your 5.75 CD?
    If the answer is yes, how do I apply?

    Thank you.

    Dean Georgacopoulos

  14. Dianne Boyter said:
    on April 21st at 02:26 pm

    My mother who lives in Atlanta took out CDs in my name and my children. Peyton and Barrett. I have neverheard of your bank.Is it safe? Dianne Boyter
    She has my name listed as Dianne Reynolds

  15. J.R. said:
    on June 21st at 05:10 pm

    Hard to figure out how to open a CD with this bank.
    They have been in business for 6 years and their website sucks

  16. john r said:
    on July 15th at 05:12 pm

    great website, tells you all about the bank without telling
    me how to open a CD….. unreal.

  17. said:
    on July 20th at 07:26 pm

    Hey bro,
    This website is not a bank LOL. Goto to open an account with them.

  18. Nathan said:
    on August 2nd at 06:19 am

    So how do you sign up for the cd?

  19. Delores Langley said:
    on September 19th at 06:42 pm

    How much is your year % for $5.000.00 and how can I contact you . This would be out of state money.

  20. Joseph Orehosky said:
    on April 9th at 06:15 pm

    I am interested in a I wish to deposit 65,000. How much interest will I earn at the end of the 6months? Where can I go to o pen this account. I live in Dunwoody Ga.
    Rev. Joseph Orehosky

  21. Gail Bearss said:
    on August 4th at 07:02 pm

    I am interested in transfering a CD of $11,000 plus to your bank. What are your rates and your nearest location to Dacula, Georgia. I see no contact information on this website.

    Gail Bearss

  22. kristal said:
    on February 5th at 08:44 pm

    How much do i need to have to open a checking account at the commercial bank in piedmont sc? please email me the answer at ty so much for your time.