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Best Money Market Accounts for June 2017

Money Market AccountsThe best money market account rate this month comes from ableBanking Direct, which is paying 1.30% APY with a $250 minimum to open.

We have to note that this is the highest rate we’ve seen out of money market accounts in quite a while.

For at least the last year, the top deal has come from a pair of affiliated banks from Oklahoma, All America Bank and Redneck Bank. Both are paying 1.25% APY. But that rate is only paid on balances up to $35,000. Higher balances earn just 0.50% APY.

While ableBanking Direct requires a $250 minimum deposit to open, there’s no minimum to earn the APY.

ableBanking Direct is a division of Northeast Bank and operates 10 traditional offices throughout seven counties in Maine. But an account can be opened by anyone willing to provide their Social Security number and their existing bank account and bank routing number.

My Banking Direct is the next best rate at 1.15% APY. While it only requires $2,500 to open, you’ll need to deposit $5,000 to earn the full 1.15% APY.
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Best National Savings Accounts for June 2017

Hand grabbing money out of a jar

At the top of the list of the best national savings account for June 2017 is Palladian PrivateBank with a bonus offer, which is paying 1.30% APY for the first six months after you open your account. After the promotional period ends, the rate returns to the regular rate, which currently is 0.90% APY. That gives you a combined annual return of 1.10%.

After that, you can pick up a cool 1.25% from Pure Point Financial. But you’ll have to fork out a hefty $10,000 upfront to earn that rate.

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Veridian’s Nationally Available CDs Are Tough To Beat

Veridian Credit Union Logo

Iowa’s largest credit union by membership is offering some great CD deals to savers across the nation.

While Veridian Credit Union’s CDs are generally competitive, it raised its CD rates in early May and has at least a few certificates of deposit worth considering:

  • 1.50% APY on 15 months.
  • 1.80% APY on 25 months.
  • 1.85% APY on 39 months.

All require a $1,000 minimum deposit and either beat out or compete with the top nationally available rates from the banks on our CD Rates Leaderboard

Notably, there’s a 10 percentage point increase on each of the terms listed above for a jumbo CD from Veridian with a $100,000 minimum. For example, the 15-month jumbo CD would pay 1.60% APY instead of 1.50% APY.

“Many of our members use CDs as a tool to save and plan for their future. It’s our mission to help them create successful financial futures, and we’re always in search of opportunities to make our products and services more impactful toward achieving their goals. Our recent CD rate increase contributes to that effort and rewards healthy saving habits,” says Keith Mesch, Chief Financial Officer for Veridian Credit Union. Click here to read more

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University Of Iowa CU Is Offering A Slam Dunk On 16-Month CDs

Once again, University of Iowa Community Credit Union is offering a top CD to savers in Iowa and Illinois and those affiliated with the university.

The latest promotion from Iowa’s largest credit union is a 16-month certificate paying 1.50% APY with a $1,000 minimum.

The deal gets even sweeter for savers who can pony up more, with deposits of at least $100,000 earning 1.60% APY and $250,000 or more 1.70% APY. In addition, any Hawkeye alumni, staff or students can become members.

Searching through Bankrate’s extensive database of the day’s best CD rates will show how hard this rate is to beat. Click here to read more

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KS StateBank Pays Top Deals On Jumbo CDs Nationwide

Don’t let the Kansas name fool you – KS StateBank‘s certificates of deposit are available nationwide.

And it’s offering top rates on jumbo CDs. In fact, the bank just bumped up rates on all jumbos

It’s currently paying 2.20% APY on a 5-year jumbo. All of its jumbo CDs are paying 1.35% APY or above.

When the Manhattan, Kansas-based bank implemented an online account opening system more than two years ago, it extended the availability of several deposit products to savers nationwide.

But it wasn’t until just a year ago that it offered any rates worth mentioning.

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GS Bank Is Offering Top CD Rates

If you’re in the market for a CD, GS Bank is worth a look. It’s offering great deals on nearly every term. And it’s leading the pack on 3-year CDs.

In fact, GS Bank is offering 1.90% APY on 3-year CDs with a $500 minimum. That’s a tenth of a percentage point more than Synchrony Bank, which is also offering top rates.

You’ll also find that GS Bank is posting great deals on 2-, 4- and 5-year CD rates.

Of course, it’s always crucial to compare the best CD rates.

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Michigan Deal: Earn 1.46% On 18-Month CDs


If you’re looking for a solid deal on a long-term CDs in Michigan, be sure to check out Michigan One Community Credit Union.

It’s paying 2.02% APY on 48-month certificates of deposit, with a minimum $10,000 investment.

With the top nationally available 4-year offer from the banks on our CD rates leaderboard CD Rates Leaderboard standing at 1.95% APY, Michigan One’s shorter term offers an edge.

Anyone who lives or works in Michigan’s Barry, Clinton, Eaton, Gratiot, Ionia, Kent and Montcalm counties can join the credit union.

In addition, those with a family member living in those counties can join, even if the originally eligible person hasn’t joined Michigan One.

The one caveat is that customers new to Michigan One must open their account in person at one of four branches, located in Ionia, Carson City and Greenville.

To find your best deal whenever you’re rate shopping, be sure to visit Bankrate’s extensive database of the day’s best CD yields. Click here to read more

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Check Out These Banks Offering Bump-Up CD Promotions

piggy-bank-red-bowWhen markets expect interest rates to move up, bump-up CD promotions start to become more popular.

And since the Fed recently raised its benchmark interest rate, we’re seeing a few more these days.

Indeed, we have some banks on our radar.

Remember, you can always find the best deals in your area by checking our chart of the best CD rates.

Here are four banks currently offering bump-up CD promotions:

Banks Currently Offering Bump-Up CD Promotions
Bank Term Base Rate APY
Ally Bank  2-year, 4-year 1.40%, 1.50%
Cornerstone Bank 14-month, 22-month 0.95%, 1.05%
American United FCU 3-year 2.00%

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Synchrony Bank Bumps Up Its CD Rates Again

Woman holding up a piggy bank with money coming out of it.We’ve been chatting a lot about Synchrony Bank lately. That’s because the bank keeps raising its rates.

Synchrony bumped up its rates on nearly every term, making it a national leader on 4- and 5-year CDs.

It’s now offering 2.30% APY on a 5-year CD with a minimum deposit of $2,000, or 2.35% APY for a minimum deposit of $25,000. The national average 5-year CD pays just 0.90% APY.

On 4-year CDs, it’s offering 1.95% APY with a minimum deposit of $2,000. That moves up to 2.00% APY with a minimum of $25,000.
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