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Ouachita Independent 4.01% Checking

Interest rates have been drifting lower for high-yield or reward checking accounts, just as they have for every type of bank account.

But if they work for you, they’re still paying the highest rates around. (If you’re unfamiliar with these, take a look at our ABCs of high-yield checking accounts.)

Ouachita Independent Bank Reward CheckingWe think Ouachita Independent Bank, which has 11 offices in northern Louisiana, is offering a pretty good deal.

OIB, as it’s called, pays 4.01% on balances up to $25,000 and 1.01% on balances over that.

There are no monthly fees and you can use any ATM as often as you want, at no cost. OIB refunds the fees other banks charge without the usual monthly limit of $25 or $30.

The rules are pretty standard: You’ve got to make at least 12 debit card purchases per month (a couple of more than the usual 10) and have one direct deposit or automatic payment for your car or a utility.

Failure to meet any of its requirements will reduce your earnings to 0.10% and stop the refund for your ATM fees for that month. OIB pays 1.01% on any balance over $25,000.

You can apply for an account no matter where you live, and the online application process has been contracted out to an independent company called CheckingFinder.

That’s good because we’ve heard lots of complaints about the lousy software small banks use when they process applications on their own.

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  1. MakingAMillionDollars said:
    on June 14th at 03:57 am

    This seems like a good rate at around 4% but it just seems like you could do so much better and quicker by putting your money into a good stock that pays at least this in a dividend or even an index fund? I was also wondering if inflation does kick in which is predicted if the interest rates on these CD’s will start to shoot up to a reasonable more attractive investment?

  2. Mike from Cash Flow Moe said:
    on June 14th at 09:42 am

    I have a similar high-yield account with Renasant Bank in my area (Tennessee). I’m not sure about online checking accounts. I sometimes have paper checks to deposit and would not want to have to mail them in for deposit. Anyway, my point is, check in your local area and I bet you can find a similar deal which I think is great for non-investment funds.

  3. John said:
    on June 15th at 02:26 pm

    Not very happy that Malvern Federal Savings Bank cut their rates from 5% down to 3.5% (a bit less than that actually.)