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One Georgia Bank 3% 7-month CD

Don’t get too excited about this specific offer.

Although it’s one of the best short-term CD deals around, it’s only available to customers that have a checking account at the new Atlanta bank.

While there are some things to like about the One Georgia’s checking accounts (“No ATM fees. Anytime. Anywhere.”), the terms aren’t generous enough to make this your primary bank.

But One Georgia’s offer of 3.00% APY for a 7-month CD at a time it’s paying 2.72% on 12-month CDs is a great example of the special deals some banks use to keep customers who are paying attention from wandering off in search of better returns.

They’re usually a quarter point more than the regular rates and are almost always on odd-term CDs so that lazy customers with 6-, 12- or 24-month CDs can be automatically renewed at much lower rates.

Life lesson: Always ask your bank if it has any such deals when you’ve got the itch to buy a new CD.

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  1. BloggingBanks said:
    on April 2nd at 04:23 am

    It’s interesting that banks offer CD deals in “odd” number of months like this one. I would have never thought about a 7 month CD, as I typically look at 3,6,9,12 months for example.
    However if one needs the money locked in for one year and use this CD instead of using a one year CD they would be better off with the lowest yielding, longer maturity CD.