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Nothing “Free” About This Magazine Deal

You’ve got to watch out for all the sneaky ways stores and Web sites are creating to slip recurring charges onto your credit cards.

I fell for the

I fell for the “free magazines” that Loehmann’s clothing stores are offering.

As I was checking out a cashier said I could sign-up for three free months of the magazines being promoted on a laminated place mat on the counter.

Stupid me. That free trial led straight into paid subscriptions, charged to the card I used at Loehmann’s, unless I went online to cancel the deal.


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  1. Kim Bomone said:
    on January 20th at 09:46 pm

    Canceling is hard as well. I got suckered in at a music chain to get a free subscription to two magazines. Those “free” mags ended up getting renewed at $107.00!